Teal steampunk pendant

This is one of the steampunk pendants I made for Epic-con and then forgot to list on Etsy after the convention. Not much to say about it, except that the bead is a bit unusual and I only had two of them. Sold.

Another Epic-con teaser – hearts with keys

These pendants (huge heart + key charm + some chain) have been extremely popular and I’ve had about fifty requests for more, so I’m posting this just to tease you all ;) These three pendants (and some more similar ones) will be available only at Epic-con. But don’t worry, after the convention I’ll list for online sale everything that’s left, and I promise, I’ll make more of the hearts, really, but you have to be …


More gothic hearts

I get several emails a day, requesting more steampunk hearts with keys and gothic heart pendants. They sell several hours after I list them. The problem is, I physically don’t manage to make as many as requested, because if I make more than 4 -5 pendants a day, quality tends to suffer. So I stopped taking commissions, but point people into the general direction of my Etsy shop. Yes, there will be more. Yes, in …


Yet another gothic heart pendant

There has been so much demand for my heart pendants (especially the goth purple and red ones), that I just don’t manage to make enough. I get dozens of emails requesting another one of these, but I can’t really make more than four or five a day (unless I give up sleep). So lately I’ve been working mostly on this, to satisfy my customers’ needs. This pendant is quite different from the other ones, because …