Winter frost pendant

I gave up. I bought sterling silver wire, and decided to make a few items for those who whine that copper jewellery is not “true jewellery”. Sterling silver is not bad to work with, the wire I’ve got is softer than the silver plated copper I’m used to, so it’s easier not to make mistakes. Unfortunately it’s also about ten times more expensive. This agate slab just rocks! It reminds me of frost, or a winter …


Emergency jasper pendant

My computer has just broken. It’s good that I also have a laptop which is slow and old, but at least doesn’t crash every ten minutes. It also happens that all my new photos are on the other computer, so I’ll have to stick to what I have online for now. Therefore I have no other choice than to present you a pendant I made several months ago, listed it on Etsy recently but didn’t …


Agate and copper pendant

I’ve been having problems taking really good photos of my jewellery lately, because I’m sick and don’t want to go outside to take them on a balcony. When I get better I promise to take some better ones, but for now this wil have to do. UPDATE: Managed to take a better photo. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m going through an agate phase. I’m never entirely sure which wire to choose, but in this case …


New beads

I wanted to share with you some of the interesting beads I’ve just got. Picasso jasper (also called “red creek jasper”, as far as I know), every bead looks like an abstract painting. Being a painter, I really love this. Some gorgeous druzy agate, with interesting banding: And black agate with white banding, that I bought for goth style jewellery, but who knows what I’ll make out of it:

Attempt at symmetry

Every symmetric item I’m trying to make turns out irregular and ends up being totally non-symmetric, because I have to change the design. But sometimes I manage to make something that’s almost symmetric and generally ok, like this small pendant. The truth is, symmetric stuff is very difficult to do with wire wrapping, especially that very few beads are actually drilled carefully in the midde. Most of them are off, even if it’s just a …


First Daily Deviation

First day of the year and I woke up to see that I’ve been awarded a Daily Deviation on deviantArt for this jasper pendant. And I haven’t even blogged it yet! I am very proud, happy and surprised, to be honest. Also I’d like to wish a happy New Year to all my readers and watchers. And thanks for all the kind words and support. Still available on Etsy.

Floral motif jade pendant

I’ve had these jade beads (research results show that it’s qinghai jade) for almost two years, and I rarely have a good idea what to do with them. They look bland with silver, gold plated wire is too hard for my fingers and copper tarnishes when I don’t want it to. This wire is a enamelled copper, and the enamel is more or less in the shade of copper, so the wire will not tarnish. …