Rectangle agate pendant

Most of the beads from this strand that I’ve got recently have perfect, uniform stripes. The colour is cold green, strong and yet not too flashy. Lovely for experimenting with wrapping more simple than I usually do. I’ve decided to frame this one as a picture or a vintage mirror. Available on Etsy.

Beautiful agate beads

I’m very sorry for missing a post yesterday. I was away for the whole day and didn’t manage to do everything I wanted. I’m also having trouble blogging about items that I can’t sell online, because it doesn’t feel entirely fair and people are complaining (and I don’t blame them). I’m trying to list something on Etsy once in a while, but the Epic-con project is taking the majority of my time and work, and …


Turquoise and hematite necklace

I haven’t made a full necklace in a long time, I only make pendants these days. But in this case I thought it would be boring to make just wire wrapped turquoise teardrops, and that it would be nice to make one of them a central piece of something bigger. Hematite is one of my favourite stones to add to other stones. Its black metallic colour goes with most of the stones I’m using. Available …


Epic-con teaser – picasso jasper “fantasy” pendants

I’m preparing not only steampunk and gothic stuff for Epic-con this year, but also some pendants based on beautiful gemstone beads, like picasso jasper (I posted photos of it last month). They are somewhat related to the fantasy genre, due to their earthly tones and natural patterns on them. With the floral or tree-like in design and colour, these pendants perfectly suit a non-industrial, natural outfit.

Picasso jasper and bronze wire

The wrapping in this pendant might be a little bit overkill, but I really had a trouble making the stone stay in place, although a piece of wire goes through the bead. It still slightly, but is perfectly wearable nevertheless. I can’t recognize the small beads that I used here, might be some form of quartz or anything else. I used bronze wire, which may tarnish, but I’m not sure, it’s the first coil of …


Copper wrapped turquoise teardrop

I figured out another way to wrap the teardrop nicely, but this technique doesn’t allow a woven bail on the top, just one piece of wrapped wire. I have a lot of these teardrops, so I’m probably going to wrap them in black wire – goth style – for the upcoming convention. This one is wrapped in bare copper, which means it will tarnish over time. The bead doesn’t look like the stabilized turquoise I …


Agate geodes

Some beautiful drusy grey agate geode slices and halves. I have no idea what wire to wrap them with and how to do it without obscuring too much of a stone, and still be creative at the same time. I tried to figure something out, ended up dismantling the whole thing. They’re just too beautiful and everything I do seems not good enough. And the top left slab has a tiny heart-shaped hole in the …


Black agate pendant

I have a lot of black agate ovals, small ones I used for the gothic pendants and big ones, like this one. They’re hard to photograph, though, as the surface is very smooth and tends to reflect everything when not in the right angle. And what I want to show, is the night sky blackness of it and the lovely banding. Still, a minor reflection visible on this one. Available on Etsy.