Shamrokon exclusives

Shamrokon is a Eurocon – a sci-fi, fantasy and horror convention that takes place in a different country each year. This year it’s taking place in Dublin, Ireland, hence the name. You can still buy a membership (it’s in two weeks time), so check out the details on the Shamrokon official website. I will be both participating in the Shamrokon art show and be one of the dealers, selling my jewellery and art. And because …


Cthulhu brooches/pins

I’ve had this idea for a while, especially since people have been asking about Cthulhu brooches, I just had to find a way to attach a pendant to a pin. Kilt pins came to the rescue, as they’re equipped with loops. I didn’t know what else to attach to the loops (except for the chain), so I made a few versions with and without beads. Feedback will be appreciated. All pins are available in the …


Pink and purple Cthulhu

I’ve had several requests for Cthulhu pendants in other colours that I usually make and certainly different that Cthulhu is supposed to be (which is green). The explanation was that a powerful creature like this would be able to transform itself and appear in any colour it liked. Fair enough, I’ve got wire in many colours :> So here’s a purple and a pink Cthulhu. The pink one is made with a pale pinkish lampwork …


Silver Cthulhu

The wire isn’t actually silver, it’s silver plated and enamelled (therefore – non tarnishing) copper. The thin wire is slightly warmer in shade than the thick, though. I checked the store where I get supplies whether they had matching ones, but they only had this or the regular tarnishing silver plate. I had only one clear bead like this one, though, so it will be the only silver Cthulu. At least for now, until I get …


Pink Cthulhu pendant

As a friend of mine stated: That is not dead which can eternal lie (even if it’s pink) And with strange aeons even death may die. Sometimes I just have to make something for fun, or I’ll just lose my sanity. I made it yesterday (Valentine’s Day). I wish I had tiny heart beads for eyes, but I don’t so the usual ones will have to do. Not sure what to do with it yet, …


Epic-con teaser – Cthulhu conference!

I was going to photograph them standing next to each other looking like chatting, but they wouldn’t lean against anything, they fall down. Anyway, I’ll try to make more, and also black and grey-green ones as well. I was tempted to make a pink one, just for fun, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Will be available at the Epic-con 2011.

Black Cthulhu

“We want more Cthulhus!” is the most popular request that I get the most from my potential customers. The problem is, I’m out of suitable green beads and it’s been sort of hard to come across them. But I promise, I’ll buy more when the opportunity arrives. I had one green bead left, so I currently have one classic Cthulhu listed on Etsy. Not anymore. But I thought, I would actually wear a Cthulhu pendant …


Cthulhu pendant no 2

Because there have been requests for Cthulhu jewellery, I decided to make a few more items. None of them will be identical, though. Fire polished glass beads for eyes, silver foil glass bead for base, enamelled copper wire for the tentacles. Sold.