Valentine pendants

I’m stocking up for the Valentine’s Day. I really have a lot of these heart-shaped 2cm beads (sometimes 3cm, which are better) so I decided to use them finally and make some Valentine pendants. First batch: three regular (well, relatively; the spotted one looks like a cow dressed up as a flower) and three goth style. All available in my Etsy shop in gothic and lampwork sections.

Gothic lava pendant

I like mixing materials of the same colour but totally different textures. This is especially visible in lava/hematite combination. Hematite is so shiny, almost silver, and lava is porous and opaque. Perhaps there’s too few hematite beads in this pendant to fully appreciate the effect, but I still have all these supplies, so I can make different versions. Available on Etsy.

Steampink heart

Hearts are the most popular pendants that I make (except Cthulhus and kittens, of course), so I’ve decided to go for a steampink heart and see if people like it. I’ll make more if it’s popular. Available on Etsy.

Steampunk heart with a key

This moment had to come sooner or later, I have to start preparing some heart-themed jewellery for Valentine’s Day. I also wanted to add some more elements to my steampunk pendants, so I won’t get bored with them so easily, hence the charm. I know that the key element along with the heart element seems sort of cliché, but the stupid key charm just wouldn’t look so nice with other bead shapes. Well, at least …


Blue pocket watch pendant

I’ve recently got a big supply of brass pocket watch parts, some smaller, some bigger. It seems to me that the best bead colour for them is one of the dark blue shades. Deep red silver foil glass beads would also be nice, but it’s harder to get them. I’ll try to experiment with other beads, but for now I’ve got a brass pendant with electric blue beads. Available on Etsy.

Red gothic pendant

I apologize for not blogging on regular basis. I haven’t been making jewellery for the past few weeks and I’m just getting used to regular work again. Also, the weather has been bad and I usually take photos of my jewellery on a balcony, which is impossible now, so until it gets better my photos won’t be as good as the old ones. On the other hand, I’ve got a new computer which is a …


Another approach to steampink

The previous steampink creations were fun and people laughed, but they weren’t very popular due to being, well, too pink. This is another approach to the subject, the pink shade is less fierce and looks more vintage, and the wire is the same gunmetal wire that I use for all steampunk creations. Available on Etsy.


This is one of the first steampunk items that I’ve actually made, back in July, when I’ve got my first shipment of watch parts. I sort of forgot about it and listed it on Etsy just recently. I have no idea what the stone is – could be obsidian or a dyed rock for all I know. It came in a mix of donut beads. The name comes from the fact that the pendant resembles …


Skeleton cameo Halloween pendant

Thinking about the upcoming Halloween, I made this pendant – perhaps it will go with somebody’s outfit? I’ve spent a lot of time making this, about four hours (about twice longer than my average pendant). A lot of fire polished beads in this one too: hematite-black and iris-crystal clear. Available on Etsy.