Wire wrapped beads

I wrapped some chunky beads around with wire and tiny beads, but can’t decide what to make out of them. A bracelet perhaps? Or make more and use them for a necklace? Not sure.

Labradorite beads

I’ve been preparing to the upcoming Christmas season; not sure what people will want this year, so I’m trying to make as many heart pendants as possible (this is what they usually like). In the meantime I’m working on some new designs that I haven’t tried yet, so please be patient. I promised I’d post a photo of the labradorite I brought back from Amsterdam. Beautiful <3

Holiday loot

I went to Delft (Netherlands) today. The town is famous for its ceramics (Delft Blue, cobalt blue on white), and before my trip there I did some research and found out they also make ceramic beads. The local bead shop had a lot of them. I tried very hard to ignore those that had windmills, tiny human figures and “I <3 Holland” painted on them, and looked for more abstract designs. I bought an even …


Custom made glass cabochons

I loved Mollie Barrow’s cabs that I purchased from her on Etsy, so I asked whether she could make me some custom ones, suitable for my goth and steampunk pendants. She browsed my shop and had a pretty good idea of what I needed, and came up with these beautiful cabs (some of them she had already, but she custom made most of them). She even drilled some of the for me, because it’s difficult to …


Handmade glass pendants

The next step from buying handmade lampwork beads in bulk, is buying artistic glass beads and cabs from self-representing glass artists. They are usually higher quality than the commercially manufactured supplies, and unlike them, are absolutely unique (this is me showing the middle finger wondering how to protect myself from plagiarism, which unfortunately happened just recently). I’ve recently purchased some beautiful pieces from other artists on Etsy. The pendants listed here are available in my Etsy …


Dichroic and fused glass

I’ve purchased some handmade glass cabs from another artist on Etsy. They’re awesome, each one unique. I have so many ideas about what to make with them. These are the most interesting ones from the first batch:

Lampwork beads

Being a bead addict, I buy a lot of mixed lots with lampwork glass beads. I always like to be surprised, although for some beads I don’t have an immediate purpose. These are some of the most interesting ones I’ve got recently.

My Workroom

My new workroom made in a spare bedroom of the house I live in. There’s still much to be done (all the walls are empty), but it’s already nice to be and work in.

Personal agate pendant

About a year ago I’ve got two beautiful side drilled dyed stones (possibly agate) from my friend Gosia (as well as some round amethyst beads, as seen on the top of the picture). I didn’t have an idea what to make of them, but since I’ve been wrapping teardrop beads, I figured I could use the same wrapping. This is just one of the two stones. Notice how the colour changed during all this time, …