Custom earrings

I was asked to make matching earrings for this labradorite and garnet pendant: I came up with this, although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a similar design on the deviantArt somewhere: I’ve made several pairs with different wire and bead combinations and then I got bored with the design. I’m not sure whether to list them online, right now I’m wearing one pair to see if they’re not too heavy.

Unusual custom order

I’ve been asked at the Epic-con, if I could make a Sailor Moon key out of wire and beads. I actually had to look it up on the internet, because I’m not familiar with it and had no idea how it looked. I hate doing other people’s designs, but this one time I made an exception just to see if I actually can do it technically. And in case anybody asks, no I’m not going …


Steampunk and non-steampunk

I was running out of watch parts, this flat piece was one of the last that I had. I weaved about a half of this pendant, when suddenly the bead inside broke in two :( I had to undo half of what I had made to replace it with a new one. I was happy with the final result, and everybody seemed to like it. My friend asked me to make something similar, but non-steampunk. …