Shamrokon exclusives

Shamrokon is a Eurocon – a sci-fi, fantasy and horror convention that takes place in a different country each year. This year it’s taking place in Dublin, Ireland, hence the name. You can still buy a membership (it’s in two weeks time), so check out the details on the Shamrokon official website.

I will be both participating in the Shamrokon art show and be one of the dealers, selling my jewellery and art. And because it’s a convention bigger than my usual, with around 1k participants, I need to keep a separate stock for it, because if the stuff I need for the con sells suddenly a week before the event I’d be screwed. So please don’t ask me to sell something only to yourself before the con, because I still have so much to do and it’s only two weeks left. I have been preparing all this stuff since February, trying to keep up with the online shop demand and failing miserably. I am mostly posting this for the Shamrokon attendees to let them know what to expect.

Anyway, I promise though that everything that doesn’t sell on Shamrokon will be listed in my Etsy shop afterwards.

Aside from my usual stuff, like hearts, Cthulhus, steampunk cats and the cheaper kind of gothic/steampunk pendants I have prepared some special stuff. The most important thing is the Shamrokon logo pendant. I will have about ten of them, but I’ve got supplies to make five more. Each one is just a little bit different due to being handmade (like all my creations).

Shamrokon logo pendant

Shamrokon logo pendant


I have also prepared several special pendants with artisan glass, incuding ones with dragons, dragonflies and dangling chains. A lot of vibrant, beautiful colours on them.

In case you were wondering, my favourite glass suppliers are Spleodar Glass (Ireland), Sokaluk Glass (Poland) and For The People (USA).


IMG_2741m  IMG_2748m


Some semi precious stone pendants:shamrokon04

A few more gothic style pendants than usual:



Watch cuff links:1arj


A Shoggoth:


And finally… a Borg Cthulhu.



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