Some lampwork earrings

I’ve wanted to do earrings like this for a long time now – created on one continuous piece of wire. But the wire I’ve had so far was too soft for this (or too hard to be comfortably shaped at all), until I got a wire anvil and hammer. Hammering makes the wire hold its shape better and generally harder, so now it’s easy for me to go on with this idea.

Also, while I’m waiting for a supply shipment (which includes silver plated bead findings that I intend to use for this type of earrings), I’m using scraps of wire to make wire wrapped bead caps (the pyramid shape on the top of the floral bead). It’s not a bad idea, one that’s worth developing perhaps.

Both pairs available on Etsy.

Small spirals (also hammered) on the bottom – it’s how the beads stay on the wire.

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