Evolution of the sword pendant

Being a gamer and a fantasy reader, I’ve been wondering for a while how to make more weapon and fantasy inspired pendants, and decided to try to make something that resembles a dagger or a sword. I bought crystal quartz point beads, thinking they might do. It took me a while, though, to figure out a wrapping pattern. These are my all attempts so far from the first to the last one.


The first one looks more like one of those amulets that you find while playing any CRPG game. They enhance your abilities or protect you from something (damage, elements, etc). Well, maybe it could pass as a dagger. The pendant has a gorgeous tiny green tourmaline bead attached to it.






The second one was more swordy, but still not there. My friend pointed out that it looked rather phallic, but honestly, what sword doesn’t? Only a Klingon batleth. And the daedric crescent (based on a Klingon batleth). The pendant has opalite beads.






 The third one resembles a dagger, but it’s a very weird dagger with a smooth end. Doesn’t look bad, though. There are hematite beads in it.






 This was the point when of gave up on the dagger/sword idea and made another amulet-looking pendant. It does look fantasy inspired, though.






Suddenly I had this brilliant idea to start from the middle and not from the bottom and go from there. More sword-like; has seed beads and fire polished glass beads.






 Finally I managed to make something that looks like a sword (although I was afraid it would resemble a cross too much, I don’t like any religious references in my work). I still need to figure out what to do with the wire ends, currently curled behind the crystal.

This is not the end (I still have a lot of quartz beads to experiment with), so I’m going to update whenever I think of something new.

They will soon be available to buy in my Etsy shop.

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  1. Your wire wrapping is so amazing. I always look forward to your posts.

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