Personal agate pendant

About a year ago I’ve got two beautiful side drilled dyed stones (possibly agate) from my friend Gosia (as well as some round amethyst beads, as seen on the top of the picture).

I didn’t have an idea what to make of them, but since I’ve been wrapping teardrop beads, I figured I could use the same wrapping. This is just one of the two stones. Notice how the colour changed during all this time, the beads had more vibrant purple on them, but now they’re brown – lilac. I wonder what happened. Part of me wishes it was still purple, because I love purple, but I think this way it looks somewhat more elegant.

This is one of the few of my pendants that looks better on a chain than a ribbon (I have no idea why). I often wear it. It’s fancy enough for me to feel that I have something unique on me and yet I don’t feel overdressed.

Not for sale.

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