Beautiful agate beads

I’m very sorry for missing a post yesterday. I was away for the whole day and didn’t manage to do everything I wanted. I’m also having trouble blogging about items that I can’t sell online, because it doesn’t feel entirely fair and people are complaining (and I don’t blame them). I’m trying to list something on Etsy once in a while, but the Epic-con project is taking the majority of my time and work, and I’m still afraid that I won’t have enough Cthulhus and whatnots for the convention.

What I wanted to share today is some beautiful beads that I’ve got just recently. I didn’t want to take photos of all of them, because it would be a lot of photos, I just picked the ones I like the most.

Actually I’ve never been fond of a dyed agate (well, at least one dyed in non-natural colours), especially that the only one blue agate I’ve worked with didn’t look very good, but these looked nicer and the colours didn’t seem so tacky, and I decided to order them. I wasn’t mistaken, they are nice.

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