Epic Con

I’m going to have a jewellery stand on Epic Con this year (February 19-20, Maynooth), so I really have a lot of work to do (I’ve been sick for the past week, so I’m far behind the schedule). I’m going to have to create a huge batch of jewellery that I won’t list on Etsy, because the steampunk and gothic stuff sells almost immediately, and if I list the new items, I won’t have anything for the convention. And there will be a lot of steampunk and goth people there.

Those of you who are waiting for more hearts with keys and other stuff you fancy, please be patient, I can’t make more than several items a day, otherwise quality suffers and I’m to burned out to be creative. I’m going to list some hearts anyway (as soon as I get the supplies, as I’m out of key charms), but not as many as I would if I wasn’t going to the convention. I’ll also try to blog something everyday.

If you need more info on the Epic Con, you can visit their website or their facebook profile.

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