Wire wrapped winter

I finally got to make something that required more time and attention than my usual stuff. This pendant is a rough quartz point that looks more or less like an icicle, hence the post title. It’s not particularly tricky to make a double sided pendant, it just takes more time. And I really thought that  making it just one sided would look strange. I’m not sure if it came out wintery enough, though, as I …


New blue and red heart pendants

I haven’t been making anything else except heart pendants recently, because there’s a high demand for them before the holiday season. I’d love to sit down and invent some new designs, but after I’ve made lots of hearts I have no energy for much else :( I have plenty of ideas though, and plenty of supplies, so maybe after the busy season ends I’ll be able to work on something new. For now just check …


Charity event donation

I have donated several pendants and several pairs of earrings to a charity event in Dublin, the International Charity Bazaar (Dublin, 13 November). You can check the details on their website and please spread the word about the event. My items will be sold by Polish embassy officials.

Splash Art Festival stall this weekend!

I’m selling my jewellery this weekend (Nov 12-13th) at the Splash Art Festival. It takes place in Dublin, 7-11 St. Augustine Street (off Thomas Street). Also there will be all sorts of art from wonderful artists exhibited there, so if you enjoy art and you’re in Dublin this weekend please support the artists by coming. For more details visit the festival’s Facebook page.

Test tube pendants

“Test tube pendants” is what Mollie Barrow named them. Only the first one is based on a round cab (and also quite big). Mollie is the person who makes all these beautiful glass cabs. Each one is different, so these pendants are even more unique than my other stuff (which is unique but sometimes on a different level). You can see Mollie’s other work on her facebook page. My pendants are available on Etsy in …


Lots of earrings

I’m having another earrings phase. This time I used lots of flat disc beads, rondelle beads and some flat irregular nuggets, because I think they look awesome when piled up together when all the colours match. I mostly chose natural, Autumn inspired materials and colours, but also handmade ceramic and metal disc beads. I know they’re simple and I know lots of people who would say they’re too simple to blog about them, but I …


Labradorite beads

I’ve been preparing to the upcoming Christmas season; not sure what people will want this year, so I’m trying to make as many heart pendants as possible (this is what they usually like). In the meantime I’m working on some new designs that I haven’t tried yet, so please be patient. I promised I’d post a photo of the labradorite I brought back from Amsterdam. Beautiful <3


I’ve been preparing lots of geeky stuff for Octocon for the past two months, and I’d like to share some photos, so you know more or less what to expect. If anybody has any last minute requests, now is the time to say so. (Click the photos to see descriptions).

Holiday loot

I went to Delft (Netherlands) today. The town is famous for its ceramics (Delft Blue, cobalt blue on white), and before my trip there I did some research and found out they also make ceramic beads. The local bead shop had a lot of them. I tried very hard to ignore those that had windmills, tiny human figures and “I <3 Holland” painted on them, and looked for more abstract designs. I bought an even …