Labradorite pendants

I’m having a labradorite phase. I’ve recently bought one string of faceted labradorite beads. Unfortunatly only 1/3 of them has those gorgeous blue and green flashes that everybody (including me) loves. The rest is just grey. Anyway, I’ve already made several pendants (out of the prettier ones). Two of them are sold, the other ones are still available (here and here).

You could think that since labradorite is elegant and grey, everything will just automatically go with it. Well, no. :> Jasper would definitely be a mistake. To be honest, I’m not sure about any warm colour. The best ones are neutral or cool, like purple amethyst or blue turquoise. Pearls aren’t bad. Currently I don’t think I have anything else suitable, so I used something else in each of these pendants: amethyst, freshwater pearls, white quartz and turquoise.

Also I’m waiting for a shipment of bigger and hopefully prettier labradorite (and some dyed agate) and really looking forward to receiving it (will probably get it in January).

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