Steampink heart

Hearts are the most popular pendants that I make (except Cthulhus and kittens, of course), so I’ve decided to go for a steampink heart and see if people like it. I’ll make more if it’s popular. Available on Etsy.

Tiny turquoise earrings

I forget sometimes that some girls don’t wear 10cm earrings like I do, and prefer small ones. At first I thought that it’s not possible to be creative with wire wrapping technique when making something so tiny (the beads used in these earrings are only 4mm), but apparently I was wrong. It is however more difficult to make small wire wrapped earrings than big ones. These earrings measure 3.5cm with the earhooks (they’d be smaller …


Lava & turquoise freeform

This colour combination has been on my mind for a while. Chocolate brown lava goes with pretty much everything, but turquoise brings it out more that anything in my opinion. I like the roughness and randomness of this design. I also get some saticfaction from the fact that this pendant impossible to copy (even for me). Available on Etsy.

Steampunk heart with a key

This moment had to come sooner or later, I have to start preparing some heart-themed jewellery for Valentine’s Day. I also wanted to add some more elements to my steampunk pendants, so I won’t get bored with them so easily, hence the charm. I know that the key element along with the heart element seems sort of cliché, but the stupid key charm just wouldn’t look so nice with other bead shapes. Well, at least …


How I manage to keep my wrapping neat

I want to thank everybody for all the kind words about my wire wrapping. The comments, here, on DeviantArt and Facebook have been very friendly and encouraging and make me want to create even more jewellery. And I also want to make one thing clear. There has been a lot of questions about how I manage to keep all my wrappings so neat and tidy. Well, I don’t. I waste a lot of wire. I …


Lepidolite donut pendant

I’m so fed up with steampunk, that I really need a two or three week break from it. While I’m waiting for the new labradorite shipment, I’m using up the stone beads that I’ve had for two years now, and have been waiting for good ideas and mood. I’m almost 100% sure that this donut-shaped stone is lepidolite, not the more popular lilac shade, but brownish pink. The inclusions are most likely quartz. I have …


Ceramic wire wrapped pendant

I don’t have many ceramic beads, although I’ve been considering buying more colours. I only have these beautiful turquoise ones. I’ve recently bought the small ones, so now I can make matching earrings. I know this pendant is weird, but the larger bead alone was… too alone, so I added the smaller one and now it looks like the larger one has a tumor O_o Available on Etsy.

Labradorite pendants

I’m having a labradorite phase. I’ve recently bought one string of faceted labradorite beads. Unfortunatly only 1/3 of them has those gorgeous blue and green flashes that everybody (including me) loves. The rest is just grey. Anyway, I’ve already made several pendants (out of the prettier ones). Two of them are sold, the other ones are still available (here and here). You could think that since labradorite is elegant and grey, everything will just automatically …