Octocon 2010

The convention went really, really well, I’m very happy with my sales. My fingers are a little bit sore from weaving all the wire, but I’m really glad. I also met a lot of very nice people.

Many thanks for the Octocon staff for all the support and praise, and thanks to all of the people who bought my jewellery.

A photo of me at my Octocon table (sorry for poor quality, it was taken with a phone):



  1. I am so sorry I didn’t have the money to buy your stuff, some day I hope I will!

  2. I to had hoped to get a pendant but didn’t unfortunately :(

    One question – do you make brooches?


  3. I love your stuff – and am very happy indeed with my earrings, and my Cthuhlu pendant

  4. I really love my Chthulhu pendant, and I am sure it will attract many glances…

  5. I love your pendants. Lots of work, but you do such a wonderfuljob with your wirework. Good luck with your sales! Kelly

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