Copper steampunk earrings

I ordered a bag of copper beads, that looked like mechanism parts on a photo. I wasn’t wrong, they really look like mechanism parts :) I wish I had bought some more, because I’m running out of them and this seller doesn’t have them anymore. In fact I couldn’t find anything similar on the whole Ebay.

Actually these earrings were the first steampunk items that I’ve made. All copper, no brass. I wrap the elements around with wire, sometimes along with a round glass bead. There are several variations. I love the outcome, and I kept one pair for myself. They do have a both steampunk and a gothic feeling.

This was also my first attempt at the Dwemer jewellery idea, that I’ve described in my previous post.

Some of them are available on Etsy, the rest has been sold: dark red,  brown I, brown II, and porcelain (there will be a few pairs more soon)

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