Clockwork kittens

The very first thing that I thought when I saw the photo of the watch parts batch I ordered online, was “Cats! These look like sitting cats!”. So these kittens were the first items I made out of watch parts. They are smaller than they seem.

Waiting for another batch of supplies and looking forward to a kitten wrapping spree.

One of them is available on Etsy.


  1. These are wonderful, I’m quite sure you’ll have no problem finding buyers on ebay. Steampunk and cat lovers go hand-in-hand (cats are, after all, the most Victorian of pets).

    • Thank you :) I listed one of them on Etsy. Not sure about the Ebay thing, but I might do that in the future…

      • ah, sorry, I misread. I think your work would have a home no-matter where you sold it.

        • I also thought that steampunk would sell better online, but so far I’ve only sold two unrelated items, and it’s girls that I know personally who asked me to make them steampunk stuff in specific colours for them. Maybe it’s a question of listing more items to become recognized better, I don’t know.

  2. Very creative! I love how you recycle stuff.

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