Commissions vs unique designs

I get a lot of requests to remake exactly the same item that was sold a long time ago, even though my FAQ section and shop and all the descriptions in it say that my items are unique and one of a kind. Remaking something exactly isn’t possible in my case and I’ll try to explain why. My style is freeform It means that I design stuff as I make it, not before. I can …


More Affordable Jewellery

I would love my jewellery to be more affordable. Sadly, after taking off all the fees, taxes, supplies and other costs pure income is maybe half of what customers are paying. But I still think more people should be able to afford something nice every now and then, so I decided to make some simpler pendants, that don’t involve so much supplies and require less time to complete. So here’s a batch of pendants. They’re …


Pre-Christmas heart pendants

Preparing for Shamrokon took away all of my creative energy and I needed to take a break. Even now when I’m back it’s difficult for me to focus on new designs, but it also means good news for my customers: I’m making lots of best-seller pendants instead of inventing new ones. Here’s a batch of ever popular hearts in various colours. They’re available in my Etsy shop in the Steampunk section.  

Shamrokon exclusives

Shamrokon is a Eurocon – a sci-fi, fantasy and horror convention that takes place in a different country each year. This year it’s taking place in Dublin, Ireland, hence the name. You can still buy a membership (it’s in two weeks time), so check out the details on the Shamrokon official website. I will be both participating in the Shamrokon art show and be one of the dealers, selling my jewellery and art. And because …


Ancient Forest pendant

It took me several attempts to actually photograph this pendant properly and the beauty of the stone still doesn’t show on a single photo. Hence there’s three. It was tricky to wrap it to have all the freeform wire detail and not to obscure the stone too much at the same time, but I managed (although it took a lot of time). Available in my Etsy shop. Enjoy!   

A little bit on the jewellery pricing (a.k.a. ooooh, expensive!)

This topic has been covered numerous times by pretty much everyone who sells their crafts, and every artisan has their own reasons for making particular items more expensive than other and some of the reasons are the same with every person. I will write however about my own creations and try to explain what you pay for buying MY jewellery. Background I was raised in a Poland, which lies in Central Europe and was one of the …


A batch of steampunk pendants

Here’s a batch of some new steampunk pendants – the smallest ones. Theoretically they come in pretty much any colour, but really mostly I use what I already have in my beads drawer and what’s available. I got lots of brown and purple ones this time. Available in my Etsy shop in the Steampunk section.