Cheerful pendant

People said it looked like some planets with their moons. I really don’t remember what I was thinking while making it. Probably that I had never done anything similar :) Lava, lime jade, turquoise and goldstone. Available on Etsy.

Jasper light brown pendant

I still have half a ton of flat jasper beads, perfect for pendants, that I’ve got from a big sale in one of my favourite online stores. I bought 12 strings of jasper then. Jasper is a good background, because it goes with a lot of other colours (like turquoise, orange, red, light green, blue and some other). This jasper bead is lighter shade than usual. The gunmetal wire is perfect for it. Available on …


Elegant brown and turquoise

I never consciously aim for classic type of elegance in my designs, but that’s the closest thing to it that I’ve recently made. It’s a jasper donut (still have some left) with tiny jasper and turquoise round beads. I’d normally match turquoise with chocolate brown (or just any dark colour really), but this light brown isn’t that bad either. Available on Etsy.

Turqoise and pearls

Although I love making steampunk and gothic jewellery, I sometimes have to take a break and make something more classic. I still have hundreds of semi-precious beads lying around waiting to be used. Turquoise is one of my favourite stones. This one is a stabilized turquoise nugget. And I also added freshwater pearls, as I often do. :) Available on Etsy.

Sea pottery in copper

Sea pottery is even more rare than glass. I find a lot of pieces, but only very few of them have rounded edges. I chose copper to enhance the blue colours. I made it a few weeks ago but waited until the copper tarnished a little bit to take photos. Available on Etsy.

Gifts of the sea

I live in a small town by the sea, in Ireland. I’ve always looked for interesting stuff on the beach, but I’ve never come across any pieces of glass like these. Today I came back home with a handful of treasures. I named this pendant “High tide”, because when I was looking for the glass, the tide was rising, and when I was going back home it was already at its peak. Like all sea …


Hold Me Until

“Hold Me Until” is the first satisfying piece that I’ve made out of turquoise and brown lava. I’ve never had good ideas for names for the jewellery I make, but lately it has been better. They just appear in my head during the process of making and watching the wires and beads become a piece of jewellery. What inspired me here? The irregular shape of the turquoise bead. And the colours, of course. It would …


Pretty colours

Turquoise, brown lava and lime jade. This is one of the most perfect colour combinations that I know of. Wondering what to do with these, they don’t deserve to become just an ordinary bracelet or a necklace, they’re just too beautiful for that… Fortunately I’ve got quite a lot of these beads. A great addition to this set would be something in warm orange, but I don’t have anything at the moment.