New skill, cat pendant & more

I’m trying my skill in hammering wire. It’s been going pretty well, considering I’ve started just yesterday. I just hope that my neighbours won’t kill me, because the process can be quite noisy and rather annoying. I’ve made several pairs of earrings and a couple of pendants so far, so have a look: Copper kitty on a big onyx bead. (Available) A rather huge agate slab pendant with some natural turquoise beads; the wire is …


Red jasper teardrop pendants

Three so far, but there might be more. I wish I could wear this colour, I’d make one for myself. Jasper, like agate, is also a type of chalcedony (silicone dioxide), but unlike agate has non-regular and non-circular patterns and is also more opaque in general. There are a few sorts of jasper, one of the most beautiful ones being the red one. All available on Etsy: [1] [2] and [3]

Teardrop earrings

It seems that over time I’ve gathered plenty of turquoise coloured beads. I doubt that many of them are the actual turquoise, mostly they’re just dyed howlite and magnesite, but still they’re pretty. I’ve decided to do something with them finally, so I took the teardrop-shaped ones and made some earrings. Available on Etsy.

Turquoise and copper bracelet

I love to buy random turquoise bead mixes, unfortunately I like to have more beads than I can process :D This freeform bracelet has a lot of various turquoise beads: chalk, stabilized, probably some dyed howlite as well, I have no idea what else. It has some wire wrapped beads as well as some dangling ones. Available on Etsy.

Round turquoise pendant

I loved this bead from the moment I saw it. I also didn’t want to spoil it by too complicated wrapping, but rather enhance its beauty. I couldn’t decide what to do for a while, and ended up making the same wrapping pattern that I’d used for other pendants (labradorite mostly). Perhaps it’s even too shy. I don’t know. Available on Etsy.

Turquoise and hematite necklace

I haven’t made a full necklace in a long time, I only make pendants these days. But in this case I thought it would be boring to make just wire wrapped turquoise teardrops, and that it would be nice to make one of them a central piece of something bigger. Hematite is one of my favourite stones to add to other stones. Its black metallic colour goes with most of the stones I’m using. Available …


Copper wrapped turquoise teardrop

I figured out another way to wrap the teardrop nicely, but this technique doesn’t allow a woven bail on the top, just one piece of wrapped wire. I have a lot of these teardrops, so I’m probably going to wrap them in black wire – goth style – for the upcoming convention. This one is wrapped in bare copper, which means it will tarnish over time. The bead doesn’t look like the stabilized turquoise I …