Ice white agate pendant

I’m not sure whether this wire was a good choice, as this is the non-tarnishing silver plate, which is warmer in tone than the regular one. The bead itself is beautiful, with a druzy geode part inside, which looks like crackled ice. Available on Etsy.

Coral donut pendant

Another donut pendant. I really like working with them, because they’re fun to wrap and I have to think and be creative with each one (well, more than with other types of beads), so they don’t end up looking all the same. The bead is pressed coral, and I used non-tarnishing silver plated wire, so it will stay light and shiny. Available on Etsy.

Wire wrapped morning star pendant

I’ve already made several morning star pendants previously, but I’ve just now figured out how to actually make a woven top part. I think it looks nicer and is less likely to get twisted while being worn. I used non-tarnishing silver plated wire. Available on Etsy.

Silver Cthulhu

The wire isn’t actually silver, it’s silver plated and enamelled (therefore – non tarnishing) copper. The thin wire is slightly warmer in shade than the thick, though. I checked the store where I get supplies whether they had matching ones, but they only had this or the regular tarnishing silver plate. I had only one clear bead like this one, though, so it will be the only silver Cthulu. At least for now, until I get …


Opalite and garnet pendant

Opalite is a synthetic material, made to imitate natural opal (often mistaken for moonstone). I actually wanted to make a bracelet out of these, but I’m not very good with planning, so when I wrapped the central bead, it turned out I didn’t have an idea what to do next and with what, so I added some elements to change it into a pendant. It came out weird, but interesting. The dark beads are actual …