Wrapping cabochons

I’ve purchased some handmade glass cabochons, but before they arrive I have to practice wrapping the cabochons. The trick is to make them look different than 99% of wrapped cabochons you can see online. I’ve practiced on a piece of sea glass I had collected some time ago on a beach near my home, and made it look my way. Please don’t copy. Available on Etsy.

Autumn on a beach

Do you know why brown sea glass is so difficult to find, despite that brown glass bottles are so common? It’s because it’s so similar to the pebbles and it usually lies between them. Also, the pieces that I’ve found so far have a different structure than clear and green sea glass, the brown ones are more porous. The great thing is that brown sea glass also resembles amber in colour. That’s why I used …


New beach finds

I’ve never come across sea pottery that was purple :o Also, some new pieces of sea glass (I’ve got more, these are just the most interesting ones)

Sea glass and pottery

I wasn’t sure if  pieces of pottery that don’t have smooth edges can be used for jewellery. Typical sea glass is much more pretty and more decorative than just an ordinary piece of glass, which is basically junk, but pottery has decorations and some pieces I found are really interesting, although maybe two of them only have smooth edges. I thought I’d give it a try, and tried to match a piece of pottery with …


Emerald green seaglass pendant

Making more and more of these, having a dilemma whether to keep one or two of them for myself or not… This one was supposed to be another vitrail along with a clear piece of seaglass. That didn’t go very well, but fortunately I had some pearls and seed beads to save the piece. I’m quite happy with the result :) Available on Etsy.

Autumn sea leaf

Another sea glass pendant. The idea was to make this one look like something from the sea (hence the amber-coloured beads) and a leaf at one time (hence the shape). Autumn seems to be already here, even in my designs :( Available on Etsy.

Sea glass vitrail

These are my beach finds from the last stroll. The idea was to make it look roughly like a piece of a vitrail. I had to use a lot of wire in the back to make the whole construction stable. Available on Etsy.

Beautiful new beach finds

All of these glass pieces have been found by me today. The pieces of pottery are from today and from a previous beach stroll. Cobalt (blue) sea glass is quite rare here in Malahide, but pieces of pottery with cobalt decorations are quite numerous. I’ve seen a lot of new pieces of glass, though. Just have to give the water time to erode them :)

Sea glass pendant

Like all genuine sea glass items, this pendant is extremely unique. I found this piece of glass on a beach in Malahide, Ireland, where I live. It is of a neutral, clear colour, with frosted surface. This time I decided to use more neutral wrapping, since not everybody likes turquoise. I used some metal beads and light brown fire polished glass beads. Available on Etsy.

Green seaglass pendant

I’ve found this beautiful bottle-green piece of genuine seaglass on a beach in Malahide (Ireland), where I live. Green pieces are actually quite rare here, most of what I find is clear. I wrapped it in gunmetal toned craft wire, and added some beads to add more life to it. Available on Etsy.