Coral donut pendant

Wrapping donut beads is fun. I’ve never made anything out of coral before, though. It’s organic, light and slightly warmer than the stones. It might go with labradorite, but the more red and less brownish variation. Today – plain bead and plain wire, with no fancy additions. Available on Etsy.

More gothic hearts

I get several emails a day, requesting more steampunk hearts with keys and gothic heart pendants. They sell several hours after I list them. The problem is, I physically don’t manage to make as many as requested, because if I make more than 4 -5 pendants a day, quality tends to suffer. So I stopped taking commissions, but point people into the general direction of my Etsy shop. Yes, there will be more. Yes, in …


Agate slab pendant

I got carried away with this one, a little bit. I thought that banding on the right side of this bead was boring, so there would be no harm in making some complicated wrapping there and leave the left side unobscured. Also, I couldn’t decide which wire to use, but figured they look nice combined. I might exploit this idea more in the future. The tiny red agate beads I used for decoration look like …


Yet another gothic heart pendant

There has been so much demand for my heart pendants (especially the goth purple and red ones), that I just don’t manage to make enough. I get dozens of emails requesting another one of these, but I can’t really make more than four or five a day (unless I give up sleep). So lately I’ve been working mostly on this, to satisfy my customers’ needs. This pendant is quite different from the other ones, because …


New beads

I wanted to share with you some of the interesting beads I’ve just got. Picasso jasper (also called “red creek jasper”, as far as I know), every bead looks like an abstract painting. Being a painter, I really love this. Some gorgeous druzy agate, with interesting banding: And black agate with white banding, that I bought for goth style jewellery, but who knows what I’ll make out of it:

Red gothic pendant

I apologize for not blogging on regular basis. I haven’t been making jewellery for the past few weeks and I’m just getting used to regular work again. Also, the weather has been bad and I usually take photos of my jewellery on a balcony, which is impossible now, so until it gets better my photos won’t be as good as the old ones. On the other hand, I’ve got a new computer which is a …


Swirly steampunk heart

Somebody said it resembles fire. I can’t disagree, really, it sort of does. I was reluctant to use this bead, because I liked other beads more and I wasn’t sure what would come out of it, but the outcome is ok. Well, at least looks better than the bead alone. Available on Etsy.