Coral donut pendant

Another donut pendant. I really like working with them, because they’re fun to wrap and I have to think and be creative with each one (well, more than with other types of beads), so they don’t end up looking all the same. The bead is pressed coral, and I used non-tarnishing silver plated wire, so it will stay light and shiny. Available on Etsy.

Purple agate gothic pendant

Another beautiful deep purple bead. At first I wanted to make this pendant symmetrical, but then I decided to add a non-symmetrical centre, because the one I was coming up with was boring. I used some opalite and black agate beads for decoration. Also, I’m really a fan of a chain, especially double chain dangling from anything wearable. Available on Etsy.  

Labradorite and garnet pendant

Some labradorite beads are muddy-brownish, but some are lovely neutral grey.  They go with pretty much everything. This one has also silver flashes. I used grey enamelled wire and garnet beads for decoration, but the design is quite simple. Available on Etsy.

Red and black pendant in negative

Normally I often make pendants with red bead and black wire. They are popular, and I’m not surprised, as this is also one of my favourite color combos to wear. But I thought I should make something more unusual, like reversing the colours. I bought some new wire and decided it’s time to experiment. I’m not  unhappy with the result, but I think an additional piece of red chain would be fantastic. The beads are …


Red steampunk egg II

The first egg was a great success, and for a long time I didn’t want to make another one, fearing that I’d mess up. Finally I’ve got more beads like this and could afford to experiment (these are hard to get). I still like the first version more, but I’m not unhappy with this one. Available on Etsy.  

A lot of new hearts!

I’m very pleased to announce, that nine new heart pendants (three steampunk ones and six gothic ones), that a lot of you have been waiting for, are now available in my shop in the steampunk and gothic sections. And here’s the gallery with them all:  

Opalite and garnet pendant

Opalite is a synthetic material, made to imitate natural opal (often mistaken for moonstone). I actually wanted to make a bracelet out of these, but I’m not very good with planning, so when I wrapped the central bead, it turned out I didn’t have an idea what to do next and with what, so I added some elements to change it into a pendant. It came out weird, but interesting. The dark beads are actual …