Purple agate and opalite gothic pendant

I’m continuing with the gothic/victorian style and dyed beads. This time I’ve got a purple dyed agate, a plain piece, without any banding, perfect for this type of pendant. I just wish the hole inside it wasn’t visible, but I can’t do much about it. This pendant took forever to make. I think that only cameos take more time. I sort of got carried away and couldn’t stop weaving until I was out of wire. …


A lot of new hearts!

I’m very pleased to announce, that nine new heart pendants (three steampunk ones and six gothic ones), that a lot of you have been waiting for, are now available in my shop in the steampunk and gothic sections. And here’s the gallery with them all:  

Another Epic-con teaser – hearts with keys

These pendants (huge heart + key charm + some chain) have been extremely popular and I’ve had about fifty requests for more, so I’m posting this just to tease you all ;) These three pendants (and some more similar ones) will be available only at Epic-con. But don’t worry, after the convention I’ll list for online sale everything that’s left, and I promise, I’ll make more of the hearts, really, but you have to be …


Valentine pendants

I’m stocking up for the Valentine’s Day. I really have a lot of these heart-shaped 2cm beads (sometimes 3cm, which are better) so I decided to use them finally and make some Valentine pendants. First batch: three regular (well, relatively; the spotted one looks like a cow dressed up as a flower) and three goth style. All available in my Etsy shop in gothic and lampwork sections.

More labradorite

I’ve already used half of the labradorite beads I had, and certainly all that had colourful flashes inside them. There are only grey ones left, with some silver flashes at best. I made two more pendants and left the rest of the beads for a potential earring option. One of these pendants is very simple, as you can see. I might be using this pattern in more creations (other stone/wire combinations), I think it’s creative …


Morgenstern pendant

I’ve been thinking for a while now, trying to figure out how to make a morgenstern (morning star) pendant. It was sort of easy with earrings. Finally I figured that I don’t have to make a woven eye for every pendant, I can make a regular one, but the pendant will have to be worn on a regular chain, not a ribbon. This is what I came up with today. It’s actually quite simple to …


Purple flower pendant

This flower-shaped bead is quite unusual, I must say that its the first time Ive come across this shape. The only way to wrap this bead was to emphasize the flower shape with wire :) I wish I had more of those beads, but there was only one :( Available on Etsy.