Fluorite and silver teardrop pendant

I have these beautiful fluorite drop-shaped beads, but I’m always afraid that they will crack while I wrap them. I don’t know why, because it happens with agate rather than fluorite. This one has beautiful purple and green stripes. I used amethyst beads and non-tarnish silver plated wire, which in this case looks ok. Available on Etsy.

Ice white agate pendant

I’m not sure whether this wire was a good choice, as this is the non-tarnishing silver plate, which is warmer in tone than the regular one. The bead itself is beautiful, with a druzy geode part inside, which looks like crackled ice. Available on Etsy.

Teal steampunk pendant

This is one of the steampunk pendants I made for Epic-con and then forgot to list on Etsy after the convention. Not much to say about it, except that the bead is a bit unusual and I only had two of them. Sold.

Turquoise and copper bracelet

I love to buy random turquoise bead mixes, unfortunately I like to have more beads than I can process :D This freeform bracelet has a lot of various turquoise beads: chalk, stabilized, probably some dyed howlite as well, I have no idea what else. It has some wire wrapped beads as well as some dangling ones. Available on Etsy.

Personal agate pendant

About a year ago I’ve got two beautiful side drilled dyed stones (possibly agate) from my friend Gosia (as well as some round amethyst beads, as seen on the top of the picture). I didn’t have an idea what to make of them, but since I’ve been wrapping teardrop beads, I figured I could use the same wrapping. This is just one of the two stones. Notice how the colour changed during all this time, …


Round turquoise pendant

I loved this bead from the moment I saw it. I also didn’t want to spoil it by too complicated wrapping, but rather enhance its beauty. I couldn’t decide what to do for a while, and ended up making the same wrapping pattern that I’d used for other pendants (labradorite mostly). Perhaps it’s even too shy. I don’t know. Available on Etsy.