Steampink heart

Hearts are the most popular pendants that I make (except Cthulhus and kittens, of course), so I’ve decided to go for a steampink heart and see if people like it. I’ll make more if it’s popular. Available on Etsy.

Lepidolite donut pendant

I’m so fed up with steampunk, that I really need a two or three week break from it. While I’m waiting for the new labradorite shipment, I’m using up the stone beads that I’ve had for two years now, and have been waiting for good ideas and mood. I’m almost 100% sure that this donut-shaped stone is lepidolite, not the more popular lilac shade, but brownish pink. The inclusions are most likely quartz. I have …


Another approach to steampink

The previous steampink creations were fun and people laughed, but they weren’t very popular due to being, well, too pink. This is another approach to the subject, the pink shade is less fierce and looks more vintage, and the wire is the same gunmetal wire that I use for all steampunk creations. Available on Etsy.


The idea came from a typo, “i” is just next to an “u” on the keyboard. The typo brought ideas and many creative possibilities that made me giggle. Why take everything so serious, right? So I bought some pink wire and made this. I hope that the true steampunk fans won’t kill me for this.  ;) Available on Etsy.