Gothic lava pendant

I like mixing materials of the same colour but totally different textures. This is especially visible in lava/hematite combination. Hematite is so shiny, almost silver, and lava is porous and opaque. Perhaps there’s too few hematite beads in this pendant to fully appreciate the effect, but I still have all these supplies, so I can make different versions. Available on Etsy.

Lava & turquoise freeform

This colour combination has been on my mind for a while. Chocolate brown lava goes with pretty much everything, but turquoise brings it out more that anything in my opinion. I like the roughness and randomness of this design. I also get some saticfaction from the fact that this pendant impossible to copy (even for me). Available on Etsy.

Cheerful pendant

People said it looked like some planets with their moons. I really don’t remember what I was thinking while making it. Probably that I had never done anything similar :) Lava, lime jade, turquoise and goldstone. Available on Etsy.

Hold Me Until

“Hold Me Until” is the first satisfying piece that I’ve made out of turquoise and brown lava. I’ve never had good ideas for names for the jewellery I make, but lately it has been better. They just appear in my head during the process of making and watching the wires and beads become a piece of jewellery. What inspired me here? The irregular shape of the turquoise bead. And the colours, of course. It would …


Pretty colours

Turquoise, brown lava and lime jade. This is one of the most perfect colour combinations that I know of. Wondering what to do with these, they don’t deserve to become just an ordinary bracelet or a necklace, they’re just too beautiful for that… Fortunately I’ve got quite a lot of these beads. A great addition to this set would be something in warm orange, but I don’t have anything at the moment.