Reptilian pendants

I don’t remember why I had this idea. I was going for something chunky, bold and more three dimensional than what I usually make. They resemble reptiles a little bit, hence the name. Also, I wanted to make something for myself to match my blue clothes (finally made something totally different and decided to sell the reptilian ones). I played around a bit, matching different grey and blue shades in different stones (agate, kyanite, lapis …


Long copper earrings

I’m particularly proud of these somewhat ethnic looking earrings, and they took a long time to make. Shaping the wire, hammering, wrapping, hammering again… The stones used here are labradorite, lapis lazuli, natural moonstone and onyx. Just one color and the rest is neutral. Well, except the copper, of course. Available on Etsy.    

Lapis lazuli and turquoise bracelet

I have been wondering how to use wire wrapped beads for bracelets. I had a few ideas, but this is the first one that I actually finished and came out ok. I had to figure out some thing first and I actually spent more time making this than I spend on my pendants. Wrapping the bead was the easiest part. There’s a lot of stuff in this one: beautiful lapis lazuli with pyrite inclusions, chalk …