Labradorite pendant with blue flashes

When I buy stringed labradorite beads, most of them have just silver flashes. But sometimes I get a specimen like this one: beautiful green and blue flash on the whole surface. Of course in that case I have to pair it with something at least remotely matching. In this case I chose dyed blue agate faceted beads. Available on Etsy.

Labradorite, opalite and dyed agate – two pendants

After my opalite and garnet pendant was successful (although it was supposed to be a bracelet in the beginning), I’ve decided to use this pattern further and try different wire and stone combinations with it. I was only limited by the kind of headpins I had, as they only come in a limited range of colours. These are my favourite ones so far: opalite + blue agate + labradorite, and purple agate + opalite + …


More labradorite

I’ve already used half of the labradorite beads I had, and certainly all that had colourful flashes inside them. There are only grey ones left, with some silver flashes at best. I made two more pendants and left the rest of the beads for a potential earring option. One of these pendants is very simple, as you can see. I might be using this pattern in more creations (other stone/wire combinations), I think it’s creative …


Labradorite pendants

I’m having a labradorite phase. I’ve recently bought one string of faceted labradorite beads. Unfortunatly only 1/3 of them has those gorgeous blue and green flashes that everybody (including me) loves. The rest is just grey. Anyway, I’ve already made several pendants (out of the prettier ones). Two of them are sold, the other ones are still available (here and here). You could think that since labradorite is elegant and grey, everything will just automatically …