Picasso jasper and bronze wire

The wrapping in this pendant might be a little bit overkill, but I really had a trouble making the stone stay in place, although a piece of wire goes through the bead. It still slightly, but is perfectly wearable nevertheless. I can’t recognize the small beads that I used here, might be some form of quartz or anything else. I used bronze wire, which may tarnish, but I’m not sure, it’s the first coil of …


Custom jasper pendant

This pendant was custom made for a client after she described what she wanted in details. She wanted this particular piece of stone (picasso jasper) with as little wrapping as possible and a chain on the bottom, just like in my steampunk pendants. I had to do some wrapping on the bottom as well, or I wouldn’t have anything to attach the chain to. I made the pendant double sided as well, this type of …


Emergency jasper pendant

My computer has just broken. It’s good that I also have a laptop which is slow and old, but at least doesn’t crash every ten minutes. It also happens that all my new photos are on the other computer, so I’ll have to stick to what I have online for now. Therefore I have no other choice than to present you a pendant I made several months ago, listed it on Etsy recently but didn’t …


Path in a forest

The name of this pendant came from the banding on this bead (picasso jasper), I think it looks a little bit like a path between trees. Add the brown and green tone and you get a painting of a forest. I tried not to spoil this picture with too much wrapping. Available on Etsy.

New beads

I wanted to share with you some of the interesting beads I’ve just got. Picasso jasper (also called “red creek jasper”, as far as I know), every bead looks like an abstract painting. Being a painter, I really love this. Some gorgeous druzy agate, with interesting banding: And black agate with white banding, that I bought for goth style jewellery, but who knows what I’ll make out of it:

First Daily Deviation

First day of the year and I woke up to see that I’ve been awarded a Daily Deviation on deviantArt for this jasper pendant. And I haven’t even blogged it yet! I am very proud, happy and surprised, to be honest. Also I’d like to wish a happy New Year to all my readers and watchers. And thanks for all the kind words and support. Still available on Etsy.

Jasper light brown pendant

I still have half a ton of flat jasper beads, perfect for pendants, that I’ve got from a big sale in one of my favourite online stores. I bought 12 strings of jasper then. Jasper is a good background, because it goes with a lot of other colours (like turquoise, orange, red, light green, blue and some other). This jasper bead is lighter shade than usual. The gunmetal wire is perfect for it. Available on …