Green donut pendant

I have no idea what these beads are, but it’s definitely some sort of a semi-precious stone, not glass. I’m thinking it might be some variation of jade, as it comes in many types. It’s pale green and just slightly translucent. Very delicate and beautiful. Available on Etsy.

Floral motif jade pendant

I’ve had these jade beads (research results show that it’s qinghai jade) for almost two years, and I rarely have a good idea what to do with them. They look bland with silver, gold plated wire is too hard for my fingers and copper tarnishes when I don’t want it to. This wire is a enamelled copper, and the enamel is more or less in the shade of copper, so the wire will not tarnish. …


Pretty colours

Turquoise, brown lava and lime jade. This is one of the most perfect colour combinations that I know of. Wondering what to do with these, they don’t deserve to become just an ordinary bracelet or a necklace, they’re just too beautiful for that… Fortunately I’ve got quite a lot of these beads. A great addition to this set would be something in warm orange, but I don’t have anything at the moment.