Teardrop earrings

It seems that over time I’ve gathered plenty of turquoise coloured beads. I doubt that many of them are the actual turquoise, mostly they’re just dyed howlite and magnesite, but still they’re pretty. I’ve decided to do something with them finally, so I took the teardrop-shaped ones and made some earrings. Available on Etsy.

Purple and silver earrings

I love purple. I never use the whole batch of beads immediately, but this was the closest I’ve got to it. I had a string of these purple dyed agate beads, perfect for earrings. This is just one of the pairs, but I’ve made about six or seven pairs (some of which I often wear). The wire is silver plated nickel-free one, and the small beads are natural howlite. Available on Etsy.

Purple agate oval pendant

Normally I don’t like “wavy” beads, but I misunderstood the information in the store and ordered them, because I thought they were straight. No harm, though, as they’re high quality and have a nice colour. It’s hard to match them with anything, so I thought it would be best to go with neutral beads this time: grey labradorite and white howlite. I quite like how it came out. Available on Etsy.

Copper wrapped turquoise teardrop

I figured out another way to wrap the teardrop nicely, but this technique doesn’t allow a woven bail on the top, just one piece of wrapped wire. I have a lot of these teardrops, so I’m probably going to wrap them in black wire – goth style – for the upcoming convention. This one is wrapped in bare copper, which means it will tarnish over time. The bead doesn’t look like the stabilized turquoise I …


Lapis lazuli and turquoise bracelet

I have been wondering how to use wire wrapped beads for bracelets. I had a few ideas, but this is the first one that I actually finished and came out ok. I had to figure out some thing first and I actually spent more time making this than I spend on my pendants. Wrapping the bead was the easiest part. There’s a lot of stuff in this one: beautiful lapis lazuli with pyrite inclusions, chalk …