Double sided purple agate pendant

The wire that looks silver is actually light grey. You can see the difference between it and the silver plated chain on the bottom, it’s slightly darker. I thought that another shade of neutral wire will be nice and can give more possibilities. The agate bead is dyed in purple, and has some interesting banding on both sides, so I made the pendant double sided. It looks quite unusual, even for my creations. It’s slightly …


Freeform agate pendant

I tried not to obscure too much of the slab this time, but it was difficult in that it was side/top drilled, and I had to make it stay in place (hence more wire). But the prettier part is still perfectly visible, so I’m happy. Available on Etsy.

Agate geodes

Some beautiful drusy grey agate geode slices and halves. I have no idea what wire to wrap them with and how to do it without obscuring too much of a stone, and still be creative at the same time. I tried to figure something out, ended up dismantling the whole thing. They’re just too beautiful and everything I do seems not good enough. And the top left slab has a tiny heart-shaped hole in the …


Just a glimpse

…of what I’ll have for Epic-Con. And before anybody asks if I could make another one like this – no, I only had one bead like this. And it’s about time I used up all the beads I have just one of.

Winter frost pendant

I gave up. I bought sterling silver wire, and decided to make a few items for those who whine that copper jewellery is not “true jewellery”. Sterling silver is not bad to work with, the wire I’ve got is softer than the silver plated copper I’m used to, so it’s easier not to make mistakes. Unfortunately it’s also about ten times more expensive. This agate slab just rocks! It reminds me of frost, or a winter …


Labradorite & hematite pendant

I’ve got some new labradorite, this time the beads are bigger and more of them have flashes (mostly silver, but sometimes also blue and yellow). I managed to create something perfectly neutral and rather elegant (or rather boring – depending on your taste). I’m hoping to use this pattern more with different wire/stone combinations, as it seems like a perfect classic style pendant. Available on Etsy.

Wrapping irregular agate slabs

Wrapping these irregular slabs of agate proved to be more challenging than I had thought. First, some of them are drilled in stupid spots. Second, I can’t just wrap them around, like I do with sea glass, because I don’t want to obscure the beautiful banding and crystals on them. Third, it’s often hard to make a decission which side I want on the front. Fourth, I don’t have wire that goes with them alone …


Valentine pendants

I’m stocking up for the Valentine’s Day. I really have a lot of these heart-shaped 2cm beads (sometimes 3cm, which are better) so I decided to use them finally and make some Valentine pendants. First batch: three regular (well, relatively; the spotted one looks like a cow dressed up as a flower) and three goth style. All available in my Etsy shop in gothic and lampwork sections.

More labradorite

I’ve already used half of the labradorite beads I had, and certainly all that had colourful flashes inside them. There are only grey ones left, with some silver flashes at best. I made two more pendants and left the rest of the beads for a potential earring option. One of these pendants is very simple, as you can see. I might be using this pattern in more creations (other stone/wire combinations), I think it’s creative …