Black and copper steampunk heart

I finally managed to take some decent photos of my new jewellery, so you can expect regular posts until I run out of photos ;) One of the last big heart pendants for now, these beads have been so hard to get! I have maybe two more beads this size and that’s it :( Available on Etsy.  

Asymmetric skull cameo

It was supposed to be a steampunk-gothic thing, but the watch elements turned out to be almost invisible under all this wrapping. It actually started as a commission piece, but was turned down, and I had to make something else and list this on Etsy. Available on Etsy.

Black Cthulhu

“We want more Cthulhus!” is the most popular request that I get the most from my potential customers. The problem is, I’m out of suitable green beads and it’s been sort of hard to come across them. But I promise, I’ll buy more when the opportunity arrives. I had one green bead left, so I currently have one classic Cthulhu listed on Etsy. Not anymore. But I thought, I would actually wear a Cthulhu pendant …


Red gothic pendant

I apologize for not blogging on regular basis. I haven’t been making jewellery for the past few weeks and I’m just getting used to regular work again. Also, the weather has been bad and I usually take photos of my jewellery on a balcony, which is impossible now, so until it gets better my photos won’t be as good as the old ones. On the other hand, I’ve got a new computer which is a …


Another approach to steampink

The previous steampink creations were fun and people laughed, but they weren’t very popular due to being, well, too pink. This is another approach to the subject, the pink shade is less fierce and looks more vintage, and the wire is the same gunmetal wire that I use for all steampunk creations. Available on Etsy.


This is one of the first steampunk items that I’ve actually made, back in July, when I’ve got my first shipment of watch parts. I sort of forgot about it and listed it on Etsy just recently. I have no idea what the stone is – could be obsidian or a dyed rock for all I know. It came in a mix of donut beads. The name comes from the fact that the pendant resembles …


Big blue heart

I still  get a lot of heart-shaped beads in the bead mixes. The most common ones are 2cm and smaller, but sometimes I come across huge ones, 3cm from top to bottom. They don’t look  that bad in steampunk style (less kitschy than on their own, that’s for sure). This is one of them, deep cobalt blue with copper. I used neutral steel gears, because the copper ones are quite rare and I didn’t have …


Morgenstern pendant

I’ve been thinking for a while now, trying to figure out how to make a morgenstern (morning star) pendant. It was sort of easy with earrings. Finally I figured that I don’t have to make a woven eye for every pendant, I can make a regular one, but the pendant will have to be worn on a regular chain, not a ribbon. This is what I came up with today. It’s actually quite simple to …