Rectangle agate pendant

Most of the beads from this strand that I’ve got recently have perfect, uniform stripes. The colour is cold green, strong and yet not too flashy. Lovely for experimenting with wrapping more simple than I usually do. I’ve decided to frame this one as a picture or a vintage mirror. Available on Etsy.

More gothic hearts

I get several emails a day, requesting more steampunk hearts with keys and gothic heart pendants. They sell several hours after I list them. The problem is, I physically don’t manage to make as many as requested, because if I make more than 4 -5 pendants a day, quality tends to suffer. So I stopped taking commissions, but point people into the general direction of my Etsy shop. Yes, there will be more. Yes, in …


Yet another gothic heart pendant

There has been so much demand for my heart pendants (especially the goth purple and red ones), that I just don’t manage to make enough. I get dozens of emails requesting another one of these, but I can’t really make more than four or five a day (unless I give up sleep). So lately I’ve been working mostly on this, to satisfy my customers’ needs. This pendant is quite different from the other ones, because …


Valentine pendants

I’m stocking up for the Valentine’s Day. I really have a lot of these heart-shaped 2cm beads (sometimes 3cm, which are better) so I decided to use them finally and make some Valentine pendants. First batch: three regular (well, relatively; the spotted one looks like a cow dressed up as a flower) and three goth style. All available in my Etsy shop in gothic and lampwork sections.

Gothic lava pendant

I like mixing materials of the same colour but totally different textures. This is especially visible in lava/hematite combination. Hematite is so shiny, almost silver, and lava is porous and opaque. Perhaps there’s too few hematite beads in this pendant to fully appreciate the effect, but I still have all these supplies, so I can make different versions. Available on Etsy.