Shop update – some new gothic hearts

Go to the gothic section of my shop, you’ll see some new gothic heart pendants, which I have listed just now. Just to let you know, they’re there! I’d like to feature this one, though, because it’s unusual, that I find the same shade of glass AND the wire (except when it’s black or silver), coming from two different sources. I’ve been using these purple beads for steampunk and goth pendants for a while, but …


Red steampunk egg II

The first egg was a great success, and for a long time I didn’t want to make another one, fearing that I’d mess up. Finally I’ve got more beads like this and could afford to experiment (these are hard to get). I still like the first version more, but I’m not unhappy with this one. Available on Etsy.  

Oval steampunk pendant

I’ve decided to use up all the big silver foil beads that I have just one of each, to make more space in my storage boxes. I’m about 1/10 through this challenge. I’m really fussy about what I do with them, because if I mess up, I won’t be able to repeat it with another bead, and I’m not very good at making decisions, so it’ll take some time before I finish this. Some of …


Epic-con teaser – Cthulhu conference!

I was going to photograph them standing next to each other looking like chatting, but they wouldn’t lean against anything, they fall down. Anyway, I’ll try to make more, and also black and grey-green ones as well. I was tempted to make a pink one, just for fun, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Will be available at the Epic-con 2011.

Another Epic-con teaser – hearts with keys

These pendants (huge heart + key charm + some chain) have been extremely popular and I’ve had about fifty requests for more, so I’m posting this just to tease you all ;) These three pendants (and some more similar ones) will be available only at Epic-con. But don’t worry, after the convention I’ll list for online sale everything that’s left, and I promise, I’ll make more of the hearts, really, but you have to be …


Just a glimpse

…of what I’ll have for Epic-Con. And before anybody asks if I could make another one like this – no, I only had one bead like this. And it’s about time I used up all the beads I have just one of.

More gothic hearts

I get several emails a day, requesting more steampunk hearts with keys and gothic heart pendants. They sell several hours after I list them. The problem is, I physically don’t manage to make as many as requested, because if I make more than 4 -5 pendants a day, quality tends to suffer. So I stopped taking commissions, but point people into the general direction of my Etsy shop. Yes, there will be more. Yes, in …