Teal steampunk pendant

This is one of the steampunk pendants I made for Epic-con and then forgot to list on Etsy after the convention. Not much to say about it, except that the bead is a bit unusual and I only had two of them. Sold.

Pocket watch pendant with yellow beads

I haven’t posted anything seriously steampunkish in a while, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to show. I have many steampunk pendants and I promise to list them in my shop quite soon. This pendant’s base is a part of a vintage pocket watch. I used some gears and amber-yellow glass beads for decoration. Available on Etsy.

Grey gothic pendant

Lately I’ve been mostly making heart shaped pendants, because they’re extremely popular. But I’m thinking that not everybody likes hearts, I personally prefer oval or round pendants. And I have these beautiful silver foil grey beads, where the foil covers all the bead, not only the middle of it. Perfect for something goth and dark. The other beads I used are fire polished glass with metallic coating, which makes them hard to describe (they’re pretty …


Pink and purple Cthulhu

I’ve had several requests for Cthulhu pendants in other colours that I usually make and certainly different that Cthulhu is supposed to be (which is green). The explanation was that a powerful creature like this would be able to transform itself and appear in any colour it liked. Fair enough, I’ve got wire in many colours :> So here’s a purple and a pink Cthulhu. The pink one is made with a pale pinkish lampwork …


St. Patrick’s Day pendant

Normally I don’t do holidays, and you won’t see me making Christmas or Easter themed jewellery. This year however my friends at the IrelandART group at the deviantArt organized a St. Patrick’s Day Art Challenge, and I’ve had idea for this pendant for a while now, so it seemed like as good opportunity to finally make it as any. The shamrock is made of lampwork heart shaped beads and enamelled wire. It’s quite big too, …


Shoggoth wire wrapped pendant

You probably have no idea what Shoggoth is, so I’ll allow myself to post a link to the Shoggoth Wikipedia article. Basically, it’s supposed to be a shapeless being with a lot of eyes and an occasional tentacle. This pendant took three times more time and wire than my average pendant, and looks about three times uglier :D (but Shoggoths aren’t supposed to be pretty, they’re supposed to be scary). Available on Etsy.

Silver Cthulhu

The wire isn’t actually silver, it’s silver plated and enamelled (therefore – non tarnishing) copper. The thin wire is slightly warmer in shade than the thick, though. I checked the store where I get supplies whether they had matching ones, but they only had this or the regular tarnishing silver plate. I had only one clear bead like this one, though, so it will be the only silver Cthulu. At least for now, until I get …