Weekly photo challenge: Spring (pendant)

I missed the Spring so much, that I bought a lot of these yellowish-green agate beads (dyed), that encourage me to make floral inspired design on them. Well, the Spring is here already, and I’ve only made one pendant like this. Not sure if this is entirely on topic, because technically it’s crafts section, not photography, but this post is also for the WordPress’s weekly photo challenge (which is Spring this week). I’m sort of …


Yet another agate pendant

I’m not sure if I’m not boring with all the agate pendants I’m posting, but agate is never boring for me. Each piece is different, has different banding, sometimes no banding at all, and if dyed, a lot of different colour possibilities. This one is natural brown, so I chose to use neutral warm and copper coloured wire. Available on Etsy.

Labradorite pendant with blue flashes

When I buy stringed labradorite beads, most of them have just silver flashes. But sometimes I get a specimen like this one: beautiful green and blue flash on the whole surface. Of course in that case I have to pair it with something at least remotely matching. In this case I chose dyed blue agate faceted beads. Available on Etsy.

Double sided purple agate pendant

The wire that looks silver is actually light grey. You can see the difference between it and the silver plated chain on the bottom, it’s slightly darker. I thought that another shade of neutral wire will be nice and can give more possibilities. The agate bead is dyed in purple, and has some interesting banding on both sides, so I made the pendant double sided. It looks quite unusual, even for my creations. It’s slightly …


Agate teardrop

Another one from the series of huge agate side-drilled beads. This one was mostly brown and black, with one strong clear and grey band. Slightly warmer than the crystal ones. I used warm toned wire and beads (copper and carnelian). Available on Etsy.

Huge agate gothic pendant

This agate doesn’t have a lot of banding, just a few delicate stripes. I wrapped it with black wire and tourmalinated quartz chips, which are neutral and look nice with black. The pendant is really huge – 9cm. Available on Etsy.

Crystal teardrop

This bead is a crystal clear piece of agate with a strange black part on the bottom. The wrapping isn’t very complicated, but it took a considerable amount of time to make. I used some iron and hematite beads for decoration. The pendant is huge for a teardrop, it measures about 6cm. Available on Etsy.

Purple agate and opalite gothic pendant

I’m continuing with the gothic/victorian style and dyed beads. This time I’ve got a purple dyed agate, a plain piece, without any banding, perfect for this type of pendant. I just wish the hole inside it wasn’t visible, but I can’t do much about it. This pendant took forever to make. I think that only cameos take more time. I sort of got carried away and couldn’t stop weaving until I was out of wire. …


Evening sky pendant

This is a perfect combination: blue dyed agate, which looks like an evening sky, and tiny opalite beads, that look like stars against it. I’m really beginning to like dyed beads. If they’re high quality, they give a lot of possibilities. Available on Etsy.

Opalite and garnet pendant

Opalite is a synthetic material, made to imitate natural opal (often mistaken for moonstone). I actually wanted to make a bracelet out of these, but I’m not very good with planning, so when I wrapped the central bead, it turned out I didn’t have an idea what to do next and with what, so I added some elements to change it into a pendant. It came out weird, but interesting. The dark beads are actual …