Labradorite pendants

I’m having a labradorite phase. I’ve recently bought one string of faceted labradorite beads. Unfortunatly only 1/3 of them has those gorgeous blue and green flashes that everybody (including me) loves. The rest is just grey. Anyway, I’ve already made several pendants (out of the prettier ones). Two of them are sold, the other ones are still available (here and here). You could think that since labradorite is elegant and grey, everything will just automatically …


Floral motif jade pendant

I’ve had these jade beads (research results show that it’s qinghai jade) for almost two years, and I rarely have a good idea what to do with them. They look bland with silver, gold plated wire is too hard for my fingers and copper tarnishes when I don’t want it to. This wire is a enamelled copper, and the enamel is more or less in the shade of copper, so the wire will not tarnish. …


Jasper light brown pendant

I still have half a ton of flat jasper beads, perfect for pendants, that I’ve got from a big sale in one of my favourite online stores. I bought 12 strings of jasper then. Jasper is a good background, because it goes with a lot of other colours (like turquoise, orange, red, light green, blue and some other). This jasper bead is lighter shade than usual. The gunmetal wire is perfect for it. Available on …


Turqoise and pearls

Although I love making steampunk and gothic jewellery, I sometimes have to take a break and make something more classic. I still have hundreds of semi-precious beads lying around waiting to be used. Turquoise is one of my favourite stones. This one is a stabilized turquoise nugget. And I also added freshwater pearls, as I often do. :) Available on Etsy.

Emerald green seaglass pendant

Making more and more of these, having a dilemma whether to keep one or two of them for myself or not… This one was supposed to be another vitrail along with a clear piece of seaglass. That didn’t go very well, but fortunately I had some pearls and seed beads to save the piece. I’m quite happy with the result :) Available on Etsy.