Picasso jasper pendants

My favourite variety of jasper is “picasso jasper”, that earned its name due to picture-like markings. I swear sometimes the beads I get look like landscape or abstract paintings. And beautiful too. As you can see I’m still fond of the spiky and asymmetric style when it comes to semi-precious stone pendants. Green pendant with amazonite and mookaite beads; available in my Etsy shop   Brown and green pendant with turquoise and fluorite; also available …


Fluorite and silver teardrop pendant

I have these beautiful fluorite drop-shaped beads, but I’m always afraid that they will crack while I wrap them. I don’t know why, because it happens with agate rather than fluorite. This one has beautiful purple and green stripes. I used amethyst beads and non-tarnish silver plated wire, which in this case looks ok. Available on Etsy.

Small fluorite pendant

Apparently there is some demand for smaller pendants than the ones I usually make (which is at least 5cm). The smallest wrapped item I can make is about 2.5-3cm, like this neutral-looking pendant. Have I mentioned what my favourite minerals are? It’s fluorite, which is relatively cheap, labradorite, which is relatively expensive and turquoise, which can be both, depending on type and other factors. This fluorite bead is almost neutral, except for a few tiny …