Coral set

The lovely red beads are pressed coral. I have no idea what the smaller ones are, there have been suggestions about jade, quartz, moonstone and citrine, though. Maybe calcite? I’m quite happy with this set and I might use these or similar patterns more often. I like to think that it’s somewhat fantasy inspired, like my previous pendants. Available on Etsy: pendant and earrings.

Coral donut pendant

Wrapping donut beads is fun. I’ve never made anything out of coral before, though. It’s organic, light and slightly warmer than the stones. It might go with labradorite, but the more red and less brownish variation. Today – plain bead and plain wire, with no fancy additions. Available on Etsy.

Yet another turquoise donut

I’m looking for more options to match with turquoise, but I seem to fail. Only black and dark brown stones seem to go with it. I didn’t like it with light brown jasper and white howlite as well. Or perhaps when it is an addition to a big light brown bead it’s ok, but when turquoise is the main thing, I’m somewhat scared to experiment. I’m thinking perhaps goldstone or red jasper would be ok? …


Lepidolite donut pendant

I’m so fed up with steampunk, that I really need a two or three week break from it. While I’m waiting for the new labradorite shipment, I’m using up the stone beads that I’ve had for two years now, and have been waiting for good ideas and mood. I’m almost 100% sure that this donut-shaped stone is lepidolite, not the more popular lilac shade, but brownish pink. The inclusions are most likely quartz. I have …


Elegant brown and turquoise

I never consciously aim for classic type of elegance in my designs, but that’s the closest thing to it that I’ve recently made. It’s a jasper donut (still have some left) with tiny jasper and turquoise round beads. I’d normally match turquoise with chocolate brown (or just any dark colour really), but this light brown isn’t that bad either. Available on Etsy.