Heart pendants – 2012 3rd batch

For some reason most of the steampunk ones are green this time… I think I need to go shopping for supplies, most of the hearts I have left are green at the moment. Also, some of them have the new key charms I’ve recently got and will be using from now on until further notice (they’re bigger but I like them better than the previous ones). The pendants are available in my Etsy shop, in …


Pocket watch steampunk pendants with artistic glass cabs

I’ve had a stash of fused and dichroic glass cabochons that were too small to use for wire wrapping and had no idea what to do with them. But recently I found out I could glue them onto stuff, for example onto the round flat spots in some pocket watch pieces, like I used to do with cameo cabs. I think dichroic glass is perfect for steampunk and I’ve been working on these pendants especially …


Artistic glass steampunk pendants

With these pendants it usually takes more time to make them. They’re high end stuff in what I make and I want them to be really perfect, so I take the time to find the right watch parts, right beads to decorate them, and the wrapping itself lasts longer. The beautiful glass cabs come from Mollie Barrow at Spleodar Glass. Two of them are emerald green, although I can’t decide what colour that is exactly. …


New blue and red heart pendants

I haven’t been making anything else except heart pendants recently, because there’s a high demand for them before the holiday season. I’d love to sit down and invent some new designs, but after I’ve made lots of hearts I have no energy for much else :( I have plenty of ideas though, and plenty of supplies, so maybe after the busy season ends I’ll be able to work on something new. For now just check …


Wrapping cabochons

I’ve purchased some handmade glass cabochons, but before they arrive I have to practice wrapping the cabochons. The trick is to make them look different than 99% of wrapped cabochons you can see online. I’ve practiced on a piece of sea glass I had collected some time ago on a beach near my home, and made it look my way. Please don’t copy. Available on Etsy.

Brown steampunk necklace

I’m particularly proud of this one, I think it’s the best of the series so far (there were four already, three gothic and one steampunk). The most time consuming piece I’ve made so far, took me over five hours to complete it. Lots of beautiful silver foil glass beads in it. Available on Etsy.

Evolution of the sword pendant

Being a gamer and a fantasy reader, I’ve been wondering for a while how to make more weapon and fantasy inspired pendants, and decided to try to make something that resembles a dagger or a sword. I bought crystal quartz point beads, thinking they might do. It took me a while, though, to figure out a wrapping pattern. These are my all attempts so far from the first to the last one. 1. The first …