Secession inspired

Back to regular blogging after two successful conventions. During all this time I made about a dozen pendants and even more pairs of earrings. I managed to photograph most of it today, and I will eventually post everything, just not all at once. I’ve been told that my pendants look slightly secession (art noveau) inspired, which I didn’t consider consciously, but now made me think and look for perhaps more secession-relevant motifs, like the floral-like …


Another convention

I’m going to have a jewellery stall on another convention, Gaelcon in Dublin on 22-25 October (the upcoming weekend). I must get very busy again making more pendants, because they seem to sell a lot better than earrings, which I have plenty of. These are two of the pendants that I’ve made during Octocon. They will be available to buy during Gaelcon, I suppose.

Octocon 2010

The convention went really, really well, I’m very happy with my sales. My fingers are a little bit sore from weaving all the wire, but I’m really glad. I also met a lot of very nice people. Many thanks for the Octocon staff for all the support and praise, and thanks to all of the people who bought my jewellery. A photo of me at my Octocon table (sorry for poor quality, it was taken …



I’ve been really busy for the last few days, preparing jewellery, clasped ribbons and printed materials for my table at Octocon, so I haven’t been able to take a lot of photos. I’m also not listing anything new on Etsy, just in case I sell it at the convention. After browsing what I already have, I figured I have plenty of brown and red steampunk pendants but almost no other colours, so I’ll be making …


Autumn on a beach

Do you know why brown sea glass is so difficult to find, despite that brown glass bottles are so common? It’s because it’s so similar to the pebbles and it usually lies between them. Also, the pieces that I’ve found so far have a different structure than clear and green sea glass, the brown ones are more porous. The great thing is that brown sea glass also resembles amber in colour. That’s why I used …


Skeleton cameo Halloween pendant

Thinking about the upcoming Halloween, I made this pendant – perhaps it will go with somebody’s outfit? I’ve spent a lot of time making this, about four hours (about twice longer than my average pendant). A lot of fire polished beads in this one too: hematite-black and iris-crystal clear. Available on Etsy.

Sea glass pendant

Like all genuine sea glass items, this pendant is extremely unique. I found this piece of glass on a beach in Malahide, Ireland, where I live. It is of a neutral, clear colour, with frosted surface. This time I decided to use more neutral wrapping, since not everybody likes turquoise. I used some metal beads and light brown fire polished glass beads. Available on Etsy.