Wrapped geode

Geodes are awesome. I love geodes. I sometimes spend literally hours online looking for the right ones or just watching the pretty geode photos. Geodes are crystal-lined cavities inside a rock. They are often formed when a bubble of air is trapped inside hot lava, then it cools down and forms quartz crystals inside around the bubble. The crystals can grow inside the rock for a very long time, so the geodes can be a …


Coral set

The lovely red beads are pressed coral. I have no idea what the smaller ones are, there have been suggestions about jade, quartz, moonstone and citrine, though. Maybe calcite? I’m quite happy with this set and I might use these or similar patterns more often. I like to think that it’s somewhat fantasy inspired, like my previous pendants. Available on Etsy: pendant and earrings.

Coral donut pendant

Another donut pendant. I really like working with them, because they’re fun to wrap and I have to think and be creative with each one (well, more than with other types of beads), so they don’t end up looking all the same. The bead is pressed coral, and I used non-tarnishing silver plated wire, so it will stay light and shiny. Available on Etsy.

Coral donut pendant

Wrapping donut beads is fun. I’ve never made anything out of coral before, though. It’s organic, light and slightly warmer than the stones. It might go with labradorite, but the more red and less brownish variation. Today – plain bead and plain wire, with no fancy additions. Available on Etsy.