Double chain pendant

Those of you who follow my work, know that I often attach a piece of chain to my pendants, usually on just one side to balance the wrapping on the other. This time I managed to do this twice within the same pendant. It looks sort of weird, but I suppose it can be likable. Will be available at Epic-Con.

Agate and copper pendant

I’ve been having problems taking really good photos of my jewellery lately, because I’m sick and don’t want to go outside to take them on a balcony. When I get better I promise to take some better ones, but for now this wil have to do. UPDATE: Managed to take a better photo. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m going through an agate phase. I’m never entirely sure which wire to choose, but in this case …


Wrapping a teardrop bead

I’ve been wondering for a while how to wrap a side drilled teardrop bead and make it original at the same time, I decided to do something totally freeform and see where it takes me. As you can see, I got carried away a little bit. When I finished, my first thought was “geez, I made a Shoggoth” O_o Available on Etsy.

Black and copper steampunk heart

I finally managed to take some decent photos of my new jewellery, so you can expect regular posts until I run out of photos ;) One of the last big heart pendants for now, these beads have been so hard to get! I have maybe two more beads this size and that’s it :( Available on Etsy.  

Big blue heart

I still  get a lot of heart-shaped beads in the bead mixes. The most common ones are 2cm and smaller, but sometimes I come across huge ones, 3cm from top to bottom. They don’t look  that bad in steampunk style (less kitschy than on their own, that’s for sure). This is one of them, deep cobalt blue with copper. I used neutral steel gears, because the copper ones are quite rare and I didn’t have …


Another convention

I’m going to have a jewellery stall on another convention, Gaelcon in Dublin on 22-25 October (the upcoming weekend). I must get very busy again making more pendants, because they seem to sell a lot better than earrings, which I have plenty of. These are two of the pendants that I’ve made during Octocon. They will be available to buy during Gaelcon, I suppose.

Morning star earrings

I’ve been planning to do this for a long time now, I was waiting for two identical beads. Morning star (Morgenstern) is a type of medieval spiked mace, either on a chain or not. These beads have always reminded me of it :D If anybody wants them let me know, I’ll list them.

Sea pottery in copper

Sea pottery is even more rare than glass. I find a lot of pieces, but only very few of them have rounded edges. I chose copper to enhance the blue colours. I made it a few weeks ago but waited until the copper tarnished a little bit to take photos. Available on Etsy.