Quartz pendants

One is a teardrop side-drilled bead and the other is a smooth chunk with no drilling. I used smaller beads (garnet, onyx, hematite and others) to decorate. These are mostly freeform, I can’t say what exactly inspired me, I just went on with the wrapping until I was out of wire. Available in my Etsy shop: [pink one] and [clear one].

Some new heart pendants

I got swamped with some custom orders and some other unrelated stuff, but I’ve managed to make something for my shop as well. I know people have been inquiring for my heart pendants, so I made four goth ones. As you can see, I’ve used some new glass/wire combinations. Available on Etsy.

Sea glass and pottery

I wasn’t sure if  pieces of pottery that don’t have smooth edges can be used for jewellery. Typical sea glass is much more pretty and more decorative than just an ordinary piece of glass, which is basically junk, but pottery has decorations and some pieces I found are really interesting, although maybe two of them only have smooth edges. I thought I’d give it a try, and tried to match a piece of pottery with …


Autumn sea leaf

Another sea glass pendant. The idea was to make this one look like something from the sea (hence the amber-coloured beads) and a leaf at one time (hence the shape). Autumn seems to be already here, even in my designs :( Available on Etsy.