Asymmetric skull cameo

It was supposed to be a steampunk-gothic thing, but the watch elements turned out to be almost invisible under all this wrapping. It actually started as a commission piece, but was turned down, and I had to make something else and list this on Etsy. Available on Etsy.

Skeleton cameo Halloween pendant

Thinking about the upcoming Halloween, I made this pendant – perhaps it will go with somebody’s outfit? I’ve spent a lot of time making this, about four hours (about twice longer than my average pendant). A lot of fire polished beads in this one too: hematite-black and iris-crystal clear. Available on Etsy.

Steampunk pocket watch cameo

Another creative way to deal with a cameo. I glued it onto a vintage pocket watch movement instead of a classic cameo setting, and then wrapped it with wire. I love how it came out. Also, there’s slightly victorian feeling to it. Available on Etsy.

Classic wire wrapped cameo

Taking a small break from the steampunk style, I made this classic-looking and more or less symmetric pendant. It is slightly gothic/victorian looking, though. I used some Czech fire polished beads (iris neutral and blue) for decoration. The cameo cabochon is glass. Available on Etsy.

Black steampunk cameo

This time I made a neutral toned pendant, which makes it fit into the gothic style, and left the chain out, which made it look like a more traditional cameo, just slightly steampunk modded. I used Czech fire polished beads and various watch parts. Available on Etsy.

Steampunk Cameo

I like creative approach to traditional subjects. Cabochons in simple settings are nice and cute, but everybody and their sister has them. I glued the cameo onto the setting and then wrapped it with wire, watch parts and beads. I like the outcome. It definitely fits into the style. Available on Etsy.